Sunday, February 16, 2014


Vera Vague is the Etsy equivalent of what would happen if Holly Golightly and Phryne Fisher became best friends. Consequently, I have to retract my previous statements about not getting the appeal of online vintage collections. Boy, do I ever understand this one! My favorite shops always have impeccable styling and out-of-reach prices... Kamomeya comes to mind again. Anyway, as per usual, each image is linked back to the original listing. The rest of this post falls under a "read more" break, because I picked about four thousand favorites. No, I couldn't narrow it down further than this, and it's cruel of you to suggest that! Take your complaints up with Karen Box, because she's the reason I searched "1930s house dress" and came across the Vera Vague blog.

Postscript: I want to explain why I titled this "Hooked", beyond the obvious, because otherwise how will y'all know how clever I am?! At first I was thinking of "Holly Fisher" or "Phryne Golightly", and then my brain produced "Fishing For Lovely", which made me think of hook/line/sinker/etc. That was my thought process. The witty part is the veiled reference to the mythos of Peter Pan and the problematics of time in that altiverse. After all, these are technically old clothes! You can flesh out the rest yourself. Feel free to make fun of me for needing to elaborate on the highly contrived symbolism.


  1. Oh this is incredibly well curated and lovely. Everything looks original instead of reproductions. I would love to be able to be able to fit into them.

  2. Crushing on the edwardian day dress.

    1. My favorite is the orange-print dress. Because I want to avoid scurvy, of course!

    2. It would be just the thing to wear a Carmen Miranda-inspired hat.

    3. She would be a good subject for a future inspiration post. . .

  3. Every item you have featured is killing me right now. Why don't they exist in larger sizes!?


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