Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Motorist Watches Gauges

Young Woman Watches as Her Car Goes through Testing at an Auto Emission Inspection Station in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio...09/1975

Retro inspo via The U.S. National Archives. These people are waiting while their cars get smog-checked at an "Auto Emission Inspection Station". Somebody get me a banana shirt statim.

A Motorist Watches Gauges on an Exhaust Analyzer as His Car Is Being Tested at an Auto Emission Inspection Station in Norwood Ohio...09/1975 Unhappy Car Owner, Foreground, Watches as Public Works Department Employees Try to Locate the Reason Her Vehicle Failed Its Inspection for the Second Time at an Auto Emission Inspection Station at Norwood, Ohio...08/1975


  1. So wrong. There's nothing worse than people taking pictures for posterity of you running one of the most irksome errands.

    1. Bahaha, but they look so great! Now that you mention it, I REALLY hope that never happens to me. Errand Sonya is not cute.

  2. I wish it were possible to find out: 'Banana's...what?' :-) I can't stand to see an apostrophe hanging, but unfortunately for posterity the impressively sassy lady in the banana t-shirt tucked it in...


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