Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quilter's Paradise

building covered with quilts in Sisters, Oregon

My mom has been wanting to attend the giant outdoor quilt show in Sisters, Oregon for years, and hasn't gotten a chance. Well, this weekend she and my aunt made it happen, and I tagged along with a camera. After editing 150+ photos, I'm burned out on the stupid things, but here are some for you to look at anyway. (I saved the actual quilt shots for my mom to use, but in the meantime go ahead and read Quilts for Beginners.)

beautiful waitress, floral sundress red stiletto heel store sign bluebird pastel cowboy boots bluebird pastel cowboy boots straw hat, pink and green sundress, straw hat building covered with quilts in Sisters, Oregon


  1. I love going to stuff like that! Although I admit having to take a ton of photos can be a chore at times. Have you ever made a quilt before? I get frustrated when sewing things because of all the measuring and cutting.

    1. My mom is a quilter, but I'm too lazy and impatient for it. I feel the same way you do. And yeah, the event was really fun! It was just facing the zillion files afterward that I didn't like.

  2. Looks fun! To visit I mean, not necessarily to edit 150+ photos of.

  3. I'm so glad your mum go the chance to go! :-D My mum is a cross-stitcher and quilter too :-)

    Love that dress the girl is wearing in the second photo, especially in that effortlessly, elegantly relaxed pose you managed to capture her in! The photo skillz - you haz them :-D


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