Saturday, July 12, 2014

Homebody Stripes

grey striped dress, green shoes

Every piece that I wore today is something that I wear extremely often. (Yes, including the socks, when my laundry laziness permits.) I don't think grey is one of "my colors", but this dress is comfortable enough to override that concern. It's a go-to, easy to slip on and simple enough to accessorize in a variety of ways.

I considered naming this blog Neighborhood Femme instead of Fashion Fragile, because that's how I think of my sartorial identity: more cozy than anything else, well-suited to baking and book-reading at home. I get depressed if I don't leave the house a couple of times per week, but I prefer to keep my life on the small side. I thrive on routine. Carrying out the same daily tasks in the same place is my jam. (Not my literal jam--Crofter's is my literal jam.)

green canvas mary janes, floral striped socks grey striped dress, green shoes


  1. I can relate to thriving on routine. It's also really nice to have those go-to clothes. Some days I just don't have the time or want to put the effort into mix-matching, so dresses like that are perfect for it. Though I still don't have a good accessorizing bone in my body. @_@

    1. Says the virtuoso wire-weaver/jeweler! I don't believe it.

  2. Comfy dresses ftw! *comfyclotheshighfives*

    (Says the rogue lounging on the couch in purple sweatpants and a baggy blue marl sweater)


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