Friday, June 6, 2014

#ModSummer Plus BUNNIES

This is a sponsored post.

ModCloth #ModSummer hashtag party

ModCloth recently announced that they're running a warm-weather hashtag party. As they put it, "The season of BBQs, vacations, and outdoor festivities is upon us"--so naturally, #ModSummer. For some lucky people apparently that involves FROLICKING WITH MANY BUNNIES:

cute girl in a pink dress surrounded by bunnies!

I have four pet rabbits, but this girl is on the next level.

Here are two more #ModSummer looks from the outfit gallery:

cute banana dress #modsummer #summerfashion vintage-inspired picnic outfit #modsummer #summerfashion

Running under sprinklers and picnicking are definitely activities that I want to engage in during the coming months!


  1. Those pictures define summer so well! Ug I am totally jealous of the girl with all the bunnies, that is a dream come true!

    1. 1000% agree! She is definitely livin' the dream


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