Friday, June 6, 2014

Woodshed Goodshed

see-through cream lace sweater with cross details, loose brown linen trousers

I'm not sure about the cross detail on this sweater. I consider myself Christian for the most part, despite my atheistic tendencies, but religious symbols are not something I feel comfortable incorporating into casual outfits. However, this design is ambiguous--does it represent a crucifix, or is it just two bars that intersect at a perpendicular angle? My sister gave me the sweater as a hand-me-down; I guess I'll hang onto it until I decide one way or the other.

I went thrifting a few days ago, on the hunt for loose linen trousers exactly like the pair that I found. Success! They are incredibly comfortable, and I enjoy the pants-that-kinda-look-like-a-skirt effect. I am also happy to add a neutral solid to my wardrobe lexicon (if that phrase makes sense). Fashionistas often bemoan the difficulty of shopping for plainer pieces, which are so necessary when it comes to styling, but tragically boring on the rack. Neon paisleys certainly caught my eye as I searched, but I defeated the propensity to reach for chaotic brights by having a plan.

short blonde hair, self-portrait in profile, see-through cream lace sweater woodshed in the backyard

My dad went through a wood-chopping phase when we were cutting down trees on our property. Consequently we have a well-stocked, rustically picturesque shed for me to take pictures of.

In closing, I want to mention that last night I sat down and read an entire book, which I haven't done in a long time, so it felt really good. When the Air Hits Your Brain is Frank Vertosick's account of how he became a neurosurgeon, told through anecdotes of colleagues and patients that vary from humorous to heartbreaking. I highly recommend the book, as long as you can tolerate a few clinical-but-graphic descriptions of devastated bodies. On that cheery note... l8r g8rs.


  1. Well, to be honest, seeing as cross details have been so popular lately, I think it's supposed to represent a crucifix rather, than two intersecting bars, but I personally love it. ^^

  2. Your sweater is not obnoxious. It's quite lovely. Some of the fast fashion novelty t-shirts, tank tops, and cheap jewelry with crosses that are made to last a season and be thrown out make me feel awkward. It seems disrespectful. But I also feel the same way about wearing the American flag on clothing. Fortunately I haven't seen the cross on bikinis and boxes yet.

    Your linen trousers are lovely! What a steal! I would be so thrilled if I thrifted such a find.

    1. I completely agree--it's definitely disrespectful to make sacred symbols into thoughtless embellishment. I actually thought of you when I bought the trousers, haha!


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