Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scarf City

This is a sponsored post.

ModCloth Make the Cut Contest Accent Print - Design a Scarf!

ModCloth is launching another "Make the Cut" contest. (Remember the last one?) This time they are seeking creative prints for "an item that lends itself to a stylish twist: the scarf!" The winner will receive $500 and have their design produced by ModCloth. Friday the 30th is the submission deadline, and community voting will begin on June 9th (which is a Monday).

Scarves are an accessory that I love--they easily add pizazz to otherwise un-jazzy outfits--but I already have a billion of them. I even found a couple on the side of the road recently. Nevertheless, I would be happy to acquire any of these...

vintage and fair trade printed scarves, San Francisco city lights

Roughly clockwise from the top left: $26 soft purple, $76 beige zigzag, $280.90 floral Greek, ~$42 beige and yellow (a lot like this vintage one), ~$64 recycled sari, $26 lipstick red, and $245 magenta print. Background: Good Night San Francisco by Jason Jenkins.

I didn't put the best one in the collage. It's this ruffle-y beauty by Issey Miyake:

beige ruffled vintage Issey Miyake scarf

($224.50.) I am strongly reminded of Issey Miyake's F2014RTW presentation. The brand demonstrates consistency but evolution.


  1. I don't know why, but at this moment I feel strongly that a scarf should have a cricket on it.

    1. In general, like all scarves? Or a specific scarf? I do like crickets fine...

    2. All scarves needn't have a cricket, although you could, but for the Mod Cloth contest a cricket design would suit me.

    3. I like the idea. You should do it! =)

  2. i thought that beige chevron print was the one i had from passion lillie but then i saw the bottom wasn't red & i checked their website & it's sold out. regardless, if you haven't seen their scarves i thought you might want to know about them http://passionlilie.com/collections/fair-trade-scarves I really like the company!

    1. Very cool, thanks for the tip! I'm browsing their website now :)


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