Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ethical Mama Style

Indigenous, purveyor of sustainable, fair trade clothing, is having a Mother's Day sale! 25% off when you enter the code "MOM25" at checkout. This fiesta extends until tomorrow (May 5th). Another exciting bonus is free shipping, which may be something that Indigenous offers all the time?! I can't quite tell, but I always get juiced about free shipping. Unfortunately, the prices are still out of my range, but here are some items that I would want if I were a mom, that I in fact already want despite my lack of children:

organic fair trade emerald green drawstring dress from colorful organic mixed-knit coat, fair trade from silvery grey sweater with loose knit lace detail, organic fair trade form elegantly draped maxi skirt, charcoal grey, organic fair trade from

I also really like the peachy blush "Sunny Day Dress". More things should be a color that I can describe as "peachy blush".

Shopping stuff aside, I want to give an early shoutout to moms in general. There are a lot of different ways to go about parenting, some better than others and some just different, but nurturing the next generation is always an incredibly hard and important job. Although nowadays there are many men who participate in child-rearing, women still do the bulk of that work. Feminized labor rarely gets the recognition it deserves, and motherhood is no exception. Y'all are rockstars! Some of the kindest, wisest people I know are the moms in my life--especially my own. I love you, Mommy.


  1. 1. Mothers are awesome. Especially mine! :-D <3

    2. There's something magical about what I call 'accidental clothes'. You know, ones like these that have a sort of 'thrown-together' look, without being shabby. :-) Plus, they're usually exceptionally comfortable...

  2. Those clothes are beautiful! - Leah

    These clothes are also pretty darn snazzy! I especially love that long skirt.
    Also, as a mom, I must say thanks for giving a shout out! :D


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