Monday, March 17, 2014

Lakewood Schoolgirls

three girls on side of building

A fellow named Richard archives vintage photos on Flickr. Among them are candid portraits of college girls, from "a collection of 300 negatives by an unknown New Jersey photographer", taken a few years prior to the '20s. The camera preserved the students' camaraderie, making me nostalgic for an era that I never experienced.

college girls girls band girl in front of building 4

The greatest striped coat ever. (Actually, this one is a possible trump.)

picnic in the woods 4

Flying hat!

picnic in the woods 1

It popped up again! I enjoy the boisterous picnicking, but my favorites are the contemplative shots:

girl in front of building 3 girl on stairs girl with lute 1 girl with book 1 dorm room with girl in chair girl on roof with camera 2


  1. Looks like the great escape there at the end!

    Girls: sneaking out of dorms to look for adventure since apparently forever :-)

  2. Gorgeous photographs. The details are so rich. I love the second shot where the one girl is hitching her skirt and you can glimpse at the detailed swisslace petticoat. So charming.

    I'm fairly certain the hat is hanging on a thin branch.

    1. Oh no, you're totally right about the hat! DANG IT, they're not witches after all. I went and looked for the petticoat, and it absolutely is charming :)


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