Monday, March 17, 2014

San Francisco Snippets

I spent most of the weekend in the city with X. (Around here, "the city" is San Francisco. If you live somewhere other than the Bay Area, you probably still know what I mean, because don't the suburbs always refer to the closest metropolis as "the city"?) My camera came with me, which it usually doesn't. I'm on the fence about whether lugging it around was worth the hassle, but I know that the practice is good for me. Besides, how else could I properly demonstrate that we went to a noodle joint?

sunglasses on the table

X's sunglasses in Chinatown, where we slurped dumpling soup before going to watch Come Drink with Me as part of CAAM Fest 2014.

Street art that I couldn't resist, encountered in the Mission:

San Francisco street art

Terrible angle, but such a sweet babe. I love her skeptical expression.

San Francisco street art San Francisco street art


We strolled through Dolores Park in the interest of people-watching, and came across this abandoned bandana:

abandoned bandana

There was no bereft owner in sight, so I picked it up to stow in my purse. Who am I pass up free florals? I think X was a little horrified by that. Bless his heart.

X's trusty grey sneakers, which he wears everywhere, in an extremely dimlit restaurant:

hazy grey sneakers

Also his dark wash jeans which he doesn't believe in washing.

Car selfie, because I don't have enough of those already:

car selfie

Daytime moonlight, although it looks like evening in the picture:

daytime moon over the freeway

That's all. I hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. Hehe, an old boyfriend of mine found a beanie on the ground once. He picked it up, took it home, boiled it and wore it :-D

    1. Sounds about right! Although I'll probably just toss it in the washing machine instead of full-on boiling it.

  2. I like seeing these photos from your day! I've never been to San Francisco before. (I feel derpy saying that since I was born in California and all.) My BFF went to college there for a year and has a lot of great experiences out of it. The full moon rises as the sun sets. :) Looks beautiful.

    1. Come visit me one day, and we can tour SF together!

  3. interesting article you linked to! i never knew ppl just never washed their jeans. i couldnt imagine never spilling something on them, but i prob wash all mine only a few times a year, like most of my clothes but under garments/work out clothes of course. that bandana is pretty cute, i dont blame you!

    1. I used to wash my clothes constantly, but now I only cycle 'em through when they're actually dirty. It really cuts down on the laundry, thank goodness.


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