Sunday, March 16, 2014

SoxxyAir Compression Socks

Disclosure: I didn't get paid for this post, but I might get a free sample. I think that puts it in sponsored territory. Whattup, Brand Backer. Anyway:

Cool socks, huh? They are Soxxy socks, the soxxiest socks that ever soxxed! (Meaningless, but so fun to write.) As you may have gathered, Soxxy is a sock company, and they're currently crowdfunding the production of SoxxyAir, "stylish travel compression socks that give back!" The tagline threw me for a loop. For one thing, I didn't know anything about compression socks. After some Google research, I gathered that basically (very basically) they work by squeezing blood up your leg, thus increasing circulation. Compression socks are used medically, often after surgery, and as sports performance enhancers. (For more athletic info, read this funny introduction and/or this science-y introduction.) The SoxxyAir campaign asserts that their product "increases circulation, reduces jet lag, swelling, muscle soreness and helps decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis". You can watch a whole video about the inspiration and design.

But that's not all, my friends! "$8 from the sale of each sox will be donated to [a] specific charity." You can read about the worthy causes on Indiegogo. "We will use the funds from this campaign to cover the initial production round of SoxxyAir charity sox." Cool.

I like the little ducky and the rose. Especially the duck. Ducks are so cute:


Duck Bottoms Up

duck life

// katdaned //

Seriously speaking, the duck icon honors Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation, created by the mother of a six-year-old boy who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I have tremendous respect for someone who can turn such a traumatic experience into an opportunity for positive education:

"We believe that teaching our kids how to effectively deal with anger is crucial to a healthy society. Feelings of victimization and anger lead to self destructive and, sometimes, outwardly destructive behaviors. Our formal education system focuses on preparing children for college and careers but falls short in teaching children strategies for living happy and peaceful lives. Many people are never taught the simple and basic, yet extremely powerful, lesson that we all have responsibility for, and control over, our own thoughts and actions. We will teach kids that anger is a choice, and that it benefits them and all those around them to choose another way." [Bold added.]

I decided to write about Soxxy not only because I would wear the socks and because compression technology is bemusing, but more crucially because I believe that humane options should be provided to consumers. Anna Lappe famously said, "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." While that statement is problematic--if you don't have a lot of money, you aren't given a choice about what's on your ballot, so to speak--there's also a lot of truth to it. Personally, as a middle-class American, I am in a position to vote selectively. My support for Soxxy isn't unequivocal--I would need to know details about the production conditions--but I'm generally in favor of combining activism and shopping. If you are too, you can use the discount code "SoxxyAirs" for 20% off.

So, thoughts? Do any of you have experience with compression socks? I'm curious about them now.


  1. To be honest when I think of compression socks I think of those flesh-toned nasty things my father had to wear for his plebitus. These are actually sporty and cute. It might be a first for medical socks.

    1. That's part of their whole schtick! "Sarah created SoxxyAir while recovering from knee surgery. During the three months she was on crutches, her doctor encouraged her to wear compression sox to help prevent blood clots, especially when flying. Sarah was frustrated with the lack of style, colors and designs available in compression sox and took matters into her own hands."

    2. Smart woman! Definitely awesome.

  2. Three cheers for compression socks that don't look horrible! :-D

    I really like the way you raised the issue about that 'voting' statement's shortcomings. I've heard it before, and although it is generally true, it irritates me when people make snappy statements that only work for a certain slice of society (since they usually have the rider that if you're doing/not doing X then you're a terrible person), whatever the issue at hand.

    1. Me too. One of my personal platitudes, which I frequently repeat, is that "generalizations fall down eventually". Yeah, it's a little ironic.


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