Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oozing Down The Streets

Pink Cadillac

// '59 pink Cadillac by John Harding // for sale as a T-shirt //

The song "Pink Cadillac" was written by Bruce Springsteen, but Natalie Cole did it better. (Check out the music video!) In the song, the car represents certain adult things, and that makes Natalie Cole's go-get-'em attitude even more fabulous. Hooray for turning gender roles topsy-turvy!

Pink Cadillac

// Pink Dream by Stefan Nielsen //

I am very annoyed with Bruce Springsteen right now. According to Wikipedia, he blocked the first female artist who wanted to cover "Pink Cadillac" (Bette Midler, if you're curious) because it wasn't a "girl's song". Screw you, dude. When you finally allowed a lady version, it was way more popular than your original.

I tried to fact-check that "ew cooties"-esque dismissal, but I could find a reliable record on the web. However, I came across this blog post that perfectly describes why I can't get into Bruce Springsteen:

"Bruce's schtick is all just a wee bit forced, I think. Everything's done through gritted teeth and clenched fist, his furrowed brow and earnest intentions dressed up in last year's Levis for maximum 'man of the people' effect. Four hour live shows? Come on! Even if Paul McCartney turned up in my back garden and ask me to accompany him on fat-fingered guitar to play a four hour greatest hits show, that would still be about two hours too long."

Amen. I am among the apparent minority of people who don't enjoy concerts.


  1. The thing about concerts (that aren't fairly sedate ones) is that they're really uncomfortable - the music is too loud, the seats (if there are any) are awkward, the people around you are obdrunknoxious...

    If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go polish my Zimmer frame ;-)

    1. I had to look up Zimmer frames, but now that I know what they are, I SEE THE JOKE YOU ARE MAKING. Right there with ya!


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