Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sonya Dines Out

OOTD 11/18/2013

I don't have a proper outfit post for y'all, because these low-quality selfies were the only pictures I managed to take. I do have a bit of news: I went on a date tonight! With a guy from OkCupid. I wrote a recap on Tumblr immediately after getting home, and I'm gonna post it here too, because it's the story behind me getting fancied up in a cute collar AND floral ruffles.

Basics: Korean food. I picked the restaurant. We split the bill. Roughly 1.33 hours.

He was nervous, which was kinda cute. And surprising, since I don't think of myself as intimidating.

He told me that I was more attractive than my pictures, and then asked if I did that on purpose, as some kind of weeding-out-the-shallow-ones strategy. (Lol, no.) He was also more attractive than his pictures, but I don't voice every weird backhanded compliment that occurs to me, so I didn't tell him that.

I forget why this came up, but he asked if I was a feminist and I was like, "Yeah," and then he said, "So I'm only paying for half of this bill, huh?" I think he was kinda joking--but mostly serious. We did end up "going Dutch", as I mentioned in the beginning.

He told me a little bit about his experiments with "hacking brain chemistry" to make himself more productive and outgoing. According to him it's been a success. (I have no idea what he was like before, so I can't comment.)

At the end of the date, when I was dropping him off at the train station, he said, "I don't know if it's better to ask for a second date now or send a message later." There was a bit of awkwardness, but I said yes to hanging out again. I was a little surprised that he seemed quite into me, because I didn't feel like we ~super clicked~ or anything, but who knows what he was thinking.

From this recap, it probably doesn't sound like a charmed encounter, but it was actually quite nice. It's just that the negatives/weird stuff are the only interesting parts...


  1. First of all, you looked fantastic! Beautiful colors in the blouse. <3 Second, your description of the date made me smile. Heh. I think the last time I went on a date was....2001 or 2002. Haha. I kind of miss that awkwardness. It's so sweet ^_^ I'm so glad the date went well!

    - Anna


  2. Oh man. Your description of the awkwardness totally reminds me of myself on first dates or so. Thankfully your date went well! Sometimes it was all I could do to just smile and then make it through the dinner conversation ;)

  3. You certainly look gorgeous Sonya! Reading this reminded me of past first dates of mine too, hehe. Sounds like a fun little adventure of an evening for you :-). Happy it went well for you!

  4. I am happy for you that you went on a date! It's fun even though you may have not connected immediately. Sometimes those sparks can take a little bit of time, or maybe they don't happen at all! The mystery is intriguing. :)

  5. I hope it goes well because I mean this is one of the NICEST stories from OkCupid I've heard. My friends have amazing horror stories. Keep us updated!


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