Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Booted Out

OOTD 11/19/2013

I know my pink boots clash with everything else, but it was actually raining for once, so I had to seize the opportunity to wear them! You can't see it that well in these photos, but they've been patched up with Hello Kitty duct tape and Gorilla Glue. The initial damage was done by my rabbit Doof, when we were living in close quarters in a dorm room. (That seems so long ago now, but it's only been a bit more than a year.) The extremely amateur repair job was performed by yours truly!

My outfit was somewhat inspired by Midge Belickis and her propensity for wearing high socks. (Examples: here and here.) They're good for days when you want to put on a semi-short dress but don't want to freeeeeze. (I would never lie down in the snow like Katie did, even though the results were really pretty. I'm too dedicated to constant comfort to do something like that.)

OOTD 11/19/2013 OOTD 11/19/2013

I also took a picture in my kitchen. I'm including it so y'all can see me in my natural environment:

OOTD 11/19/2013

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  1. You are adorable <3 The plaid top is perfect for this look! Also, what an amazing view! So jealous!

    - Anna


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