Saturday, November 2, 2013

Local Floral

Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013

I enjoy most kinds of flowers, but roses are among my favorites (along with snapdragons and daisies, to name a couple). With all their vibrancy and diversity of form, roses can make for great fashion inspiration--consider the rich colors, the layers, the ruffles, and so on. If your taste runs to feminine ensembles, roses can be part of your style as silhouettes and textures as well as floral prints.

Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013 Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013

I'm not a gardener, but I'm very grateful that other people are. In particular, the people who grow flowers in my neighborhood. I took these photos a few blocks from my house. It constantly amazes me that there is so much beauty in a regular suburb.

Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013 Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013 Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013 Neighborhood Roses 10/30/2013


  1. I really like tiger lilies, they're such beautiful and visually interesting flowers. My godmother use to grow them all around her house so I've got fond memories of them. :). How lucky that your neighbors grow such pretty flowers!

  2. I am such a lover of flowers. Any flower, really. Roses are one of the best flowers ever. I am lucky to have them in my little pot a year ago. They always bring joy to me. :)


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