Wednesday, October 30, 2013


ootd 10/29/2013

You know how people have bad hair days? (Or no hair days, if you're me.) Well, today I had a bad outfit day. I didn't even realize it until I looked at the pictures. And then I thought, "Cripes, am I really gonna post these?" The answer is that yes, I am. That way--please imagine me saying this with a very wise and self-sacrificing expression--you can learn from my mistakes. Maybe you're thinking, "I dunno, Sonya. You look normal to me." Perhaps, but that's because I started with a waist-up photo, in which I don't look quite as unfortunate. I have my pride, after all! But not so much pride that I won't show y'all the full look:

ootd 10/29/2013

No one will be surprised to learn that these socks came from Hot Topic, albeit years ago. In my defense, Halloween is only a day away!

ootd 10/29/2013

As cheesy as the socks are, the skirt is what I really dislike about this outfit. It just doesn't fit me right. I enjoy the color and the pockets, but it's not a good shape. It might be time for the yard-sale pile to grow by one more item. C'est la vie.

ootd 10/29/2013 ootd 10/29/2013


  1. You're judging yourself too hardly. You've made a nice and very creative mixture of patterns and prints and looks cool! Maybe not everyone's taste, but it's a funny bold styling :)


  2. The striped socks are so perfect for this! Love it!

    - Anna


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