Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Butter Cream Babe

Today my mother and I drove one of our bunnies to the vet to be spayed. On the way there, we stopped for breakfast at a charming little diner in Napa called Butter Cream Bakery. I knew instantly that I would like the place, because the building was candy-striped in pink and white:

Butter Cream Bakery
Butter Cream Bakery

As you can see, the inside was just as adorable as the outside. I'm a big fan of diners in general--Sweet Maple is my favorite San Francisco restaurant--and this one stole my heart with the darling way it employed my favorite color. I'd love to have a dress based on the decor at this place!

As an added bonus, this friendly fellow greeted us as we walked in:

Butter Cream Bakery

Yes ma'am, I do believe that's a grinning pumpkin cake.

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