Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cherry Nice To Meet You

OOTD 10/30/2013

Happy Halloween! I'm writing this on the 30th, but it will be posted on the 31st, so I'd like to wish you a deliciously spooky day! I hope that friendly ghosts frolic around your house and that the moon is especially bright when it shines on you. And that trick-or-treaters don't take all the best candy, of course.

On the topic of clothes, today I was all cherry wool and cherry print. I actually think I used a couple too many colors in this outfit--the gold bow and burgundy lips/shoes were a bit much on top of the red, black, and white. But that's okay. Live and learn! Or, as I like to declare in a terrible French accent, "C'est la vie, ma cherie." Besides, I felt cute. That's the most important part anyway.

OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013 OOTD 10/30/2013


  1. I love the sweater with the collar peeking out. Great colours as well! I think they work well together. Very cute!

    And happy Halloween!! :)

  2. Ooh I love those layers! The collar and the bow are too cute!


  3. There's never too much color! This outfit is wonderful! I love how your red sweater looks with that adorable cherry print bag. I'm so in love with the bow on your sweater too. Super super cute!

  4. This is darling! I love the sweater! Adorable bag! <3

    - Anna


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