Monday, September 1, 2014

Black Socks

One of my assistants/second shooter - Ash!

Knee socks are very cute. Thigh-highs are even better! I mention this because autumn approacheth, and they're becoming practical again.

103/365 - "Is comfortable in different situations"

(T-strap heels are also pretty great, not that I ever wear them.)

Bogaerts and Bubble Gum

// Eric Kilby //

When I was in grade school, my gym teacher taught us this song:

Black socks,
they never get dirty.
The longer you wear 'em,
the blacker they get.
Some day
I think I might launder them.
Something keeps telling me
maybe not yet,
not yet,
not yet.

Circle back to the beginning. Repeat ad nauseum. Here's a video that has the same tune with slightly different lyrics:


  1. Fun post! I always sing the "Black Socks" song to my boys. And this is gross, but black socks make yucky floating fuzz in the bathtub. :P

  2. Ooh I do love knee high socks, but I never quite got the hang of how to style them. Maybe this is the year I figure it out! haha

  3. Black socks never get dirty! Good to know.

  4. My friend taught me that song in college! But her version yelled "Don't do it yet!" at the end.

  5. I love black socks! They can go with anything! I despise white socks and have been slowly easing them out of my sock drawer. xD

    1. Interesting! What I don't like about white socks is that they eventually turn grey.


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