Monday, September 1, 2014

Black Socks

One of my assistants/second shooter - Ash!

Knee socks are very cute. Thigh-highs are even better! I mention this because autumn approacheth, and they're becoming practical again.

103/365 - "Is comfortable in different situations"

(T-strap heels are also pretty great, not that I ever wear them.)

Bogaerts and Bubble Gum

// Eric Kilby //

When I was in grade school, my gym teacher taught us this song:

Black socks,
they never get dirty.
The longer you wear 'em,
the blacker they get.
Some day
I think I might launder them.
Something keeps telling me
maybe not yet,
not yet,
not yet.

Circle back to the beginning. Repeat ad nauseum. Here's a video that has the same tune with slightly different lyrics:


  1. Fun post! I always sing the "Black Socks" song to my boys. And this is gross, but black socks make yucky floating fuzz in the bathtub. :P

    1. Bahahha that is a great mom/bath fact :D

  2. Ooh I do love knee high socks, but I never quite got the hang of how to style them. Maybe this is the year I figure it out! haha

  3. Black socks never get dirty! Good to know.

    1. Errr, it may not be strictly factual... =P

  4. My friend taught me that song in college! But her version yelled "Don't do it yet!" at the end.

  5. I love black socks! They can go with anything! I despise white socks and have been slowly easing them out of my sock drawer. xD

    1. Interesting! What I don't like about white socks is that they eventually turn grey.


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