Friday, August 29, 2014

The Artist's Dilemma

During the past week, I have been busier than ever before. Or at least I've been busier than I can remember being previously. It's nice because I don't have time to sit around worrying about nonsense like "what if all the computers stop working". (Seriously, I only get anxious about dumb unlikely things.) On the other hand, a full schedule is tiring. Obviously. Did you know that going to school AND being a social person takes up a lot of time and energy? I have never been so friendly and active before, meaning that this is a new discovery for me. Here's the problem:

Create, Work, Socialize: Pick Two (The Artist's Dilemma)

In my case "attend classes and study" subs in for "work", since I don't have a job right now. But you get the idea. It's a tweaked (and pink!) version of the college conundrum. I apologize, dear reader, for the result is a neglected blog. Anyway, today I'm unwinding and tackling my personal projects. I may or may not get dressed, so please look cute as hell on my behalf!

Side note: I'm glad that I have the catchall "inspiration" category for posts like this. The actual inspirational content here? Nonexistent. But I can fool myself into feeling organized.


  1. For me it would be work/school and create. Socialization? hah! What's that? XD

    1. Hahah, what is this "people" you speak of??

  2. Haha, this sounds too familiar!

  3. When I was in school (and also had a job) most of my socialization time went bye-bye. Make a lunch buddy at school? That's social-ish.


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