Monday, September 15, 2014

Bad Lil Bun

Saturday the 13th at SideQuest Gallery. 15th Street was hoppin' to an unexpected extent--if you're in the Bay Area and like art galleries, then I recommend checking out this block. I wish I had thought to bring my real camera, because there were plenty of snazzy-looking people! Pink hair, whattup:

SideQuest Gallery in Oakland, 9/13/2014

Not to mention RAINBOW UNICORNS:

rainbow unicorn baseball cap SideQuest Gallery in Oakland, 9/13/2014

Later my date and I went for a walk, trying to find my car--we're both "navigationally challenged" so it was an odyssey--and came across this perfect sticker:

bad lil bun sticker, Oakland graffiti 9/13/2014

Bad lil bun. It looks so grumpy! I am a bad lil bun sometimes. Are you a bad lil bun?!

See more graffiti snapshots on Yourself Cared or Tumblr (1 & 2).


  1. I love that sticker! Grumpy/cute things are adorable. Bad lil bun!

  2. Oh my god, I think that individual with the pink hair might actually be me.

  3. So many cool looking people. I kind of want that girl's pink hair. Also I'm a bad lil bun.

  4. Haha, love how utterly unimpressed Bad Lil Bun looks. This is the face I try to avoid making when students ask me if it's OK if they try tasting the product they just made in the chem lab. Some of them are serious, you know.... ;-)

  5. Rainbow unicorns are never bad lil buns!


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