Monday, August 11, 2014

SF Asian Art Museum: Gorgeous

I was incredibly cultural this weekend. Saturday saw me at SideQuest, and then on Sunday I visited the Gorgeous exhibit at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum, which lived up to its name. The exhibit, not the museum, because confusingly there were various works by non-Asian artists, but whatever.

I would love to return before Gorgeous closes. I couldn't absorb all that beauty in one go--in fact, I don't think I could properly appreciate it after coming back a hundred times. Art is overwhelming. But not to the extent that I didn't selfie it up when confronted with a reflective surface:

Nonsite by Robert Smithson, rubble and mirrors, Asian Art Museum Gorgeous exhibit Nonsite by Robert Smithson, rubble and mirrors, Asian Art Museum Gorgeous exhibit

My narcissistic modern remix of Robert Smithson's Essen Soil and Mirrors is called Nonsite featuring Sonya. (Kidding... sort of.) The original is part of SFMOMA's collection.

fake roses embedded in Lucite - Miss Blanche chair by Shiro Kuramata

Miss Blanche chair by Shiro Kuramata, also provided by SFMOMA. Inspired by the character from A Streetcar Named Desire. The shadows cast by the embedded roses were mesmerizing:

floral shadows cast on the ground - Miss Blanche chair by Shiro Kuramata, Asian Art Museum Gorgeous exhibit mid-1700s Indian portrait study

Lastly, an unattributed study of a woman's profile, circa mid-1700s India.

I would have taken more pictures, but I decided to focus on being present and enjoying the artworks. Often I have to remind myself not to prioritize documentation over experience. I would rather feel my life as it happens than make memories of a viewfinder.


  1. I dig the chair. I know how you feel - it's so easy to miss things if you have your face constantly buried in a phone or camera.

  2. This exhibit looks amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I used to go to that museum with my grandma. I loved it!

    1. I didn't know you used to live around here!

  4. Augh! This looks incredible! I love museums and galleries so much, it's basically an obsession. ;-)

    Also: totally want that chair in my house.


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