Thursday, July 31, 2014

ModCloth Decor Sale (Cozy Cognac Office)

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peacock feather patterned wallpaper, blue velvet armchair

ModCloth, widespread darling of the fashion blogosphere, doesn't just sell clothes. They also deal in home goods; at the moment decor is 20% off! USA-made options range from avian wallpaper and baroque-esque table runners to steampunk lamps and feline monuments...

baroque table runner and steampunk lamp Mount Rushmore with Cats

See also: "Magic Trickster", "Soft Side of the Moon", & "A Lace for Everyone". Then, to ease my conscience, read this post by Leah Wise.


  1. I had no idea Modcloth sold things other than clothes! Totally going to go check that out now!

  2. Modcloth has the coolest non-clothes stuff. My favorites are the tetris lights and their many cute versions of salt & pepper shakers

    1. Right? It's so fun to browse all the cool stuff. Same for Etsy.


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