Sunday, July 27, 2014

Golden Mahogany

fair trade hazelnut brown striped poncho

Warm shades of brown wear especially well through the late months of summer into early fall, mimicking the colors of the harvest as it ripens and fades. Perhaps that is melodramatically poetic and I'm getting ahead of the current season... but I swear, the hazy heat does this to me! A certain amount of sunshine is nourishing.

painted porcelain owl necklace by Handy Maiden

vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sheer dressvintage Jean Paul Gaultier sheer dress

Black Glitters Gold Set UltraHighwaisted Panty and Bralette Limited Edition Made To Order

vintage Jean Louis Scherrer pencil skirt


  1. That handmade glittery lingerie is so pretty! Glitter on everything please and thank you!

  2. I absolutely agree! I love fall. It's always been my favorite season.
    I really like the vintage dress and the glittery lingerie set!

    1. My favorite season is whichever one is happening, haha. I agree--in fact, I'd love to wear that lingerie under the dress!

  3. Those owl pendants look so smooth and pretty - If I had one, I think it would be hard to stop turning the owl over in my fingers!

    Homemade lingere sounds like a super fun (and super difficult) idea. Glitter just makes it all the more tempting to try...

    1. I want to try making panties, because that seems like it might be on the easier side...

  4. I've started thinking about my fall wardrobe too! I've already bought a new sweater!


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