Thursday, June 19, 2014

Red Meets Mint

short blonde pixie cut, floral mint dress, summer day

I used to hate when a dress with a specific waistline--be it empirenatural, or dropped--was worn with a belt at a different level. It just seemed wrong somehow. But now I kinda like the effect. Look at me, rebelling against the designer's intent! Appalling behavior, dontcha think? ;-)

I thrifted this dress last summer, and it's become a staple favorite. Anyone who's followed my blog for more than a minute has surely seen it at least once. Sorry about that? I don't feel bad for wearing my clothes multiple times, but I do hope that you're not bored. The brand, Caroline Wells, appears to have lapsed out of existence, but Etsy and eBay still yield a few results. The necklace was a gift from one of my mom's friends, ages ago. Recently it's begun to tickle my fancy. I don't get to use that phrase often enough.

My sister likes to tease me that I'm turning into my mother--"You're such an old lady, Sonya!"--and to an extent she's right. I'm always turning down the radio in the car. "What are you trying to do, blast my eardrums out?" But I don't mind becoming my mom. She's a cool lady.

floral mint dress tied at the waist wildflowers, California poppies kicking the grass, floral mint dress, short blonde pixie cut

Kicking the grass. Take that, grass! I was trying to use a more dynamic pose, even at the expense of narrative cohesion.

short blonde hair, sparkly red necklace, floral mint sailor collar


  1. Your hair is super adorable. Definitely rocking the Tintin thing. And that dress and those shoes are perfect together.

  2. I love red and mint together! It's a bold combo but it seems to work somehow. I have been called an old lady too,I'm the same way with loud music! I see myself becoming more and more like my mom, but I don't mind!

  3. oooo i like this dress alot!! You are a cutie!

  4. I love the little act of rebellion hehe. And hey, being old before your time is nothing to be ashamed of. I deeply admire that trait to be honest!

  5. The belt rebellion is a bit much for me, tbh. When I see it happening, I want to go up to the person and fix them, straightening something, possibly with a little bit of spit for good measure, and send them on their way.
    Oh do please rewear dresses. And everytime a tatty headline proclaims that Princess Kate has recycled a dress by wearing it twice I cue the collective eyeroll.

    1. HA, I've definitely had that reaction too! @ both things.


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