Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Miss Tintin

very short blonde hair, mint volume of The Adventures of Tintin by Herge

Guess what--I got a haircut! Woohoo! My mom saw me and immediately commented, "You look just like Tintin!" She's right; my short 'n' flippy blonde 'do is similar to his, and I don't mind the comparison. Volume 2 of The Adventures of Tintin guest-starred in today's photos.

For those who are unfamiliar, Tintin is the crime-fighting "boy reporter" dreamed up in the 1920s by Herge, a Belgian graphic novelist. As a kid I loved Tintin's clever heroism, and giggled along with the antics of his hedonistic dog Snowy and his boozy sidekick Captain Haddock. (Cuthbert Calculus was another favorite.) Unfortunately, recent rereadings have left me astonished at the horrendous amount of racist caricatures. A few of the stories are too cringeworthy to bear. I still enjoy other parts of The Adventures, but it always shakes me to realize how much I missed the first time around.

This exact outfit has been on the blog before. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

cropped grey t-shirt, full royal blue skirt, mint volume of The Adventures of Tintin by Herge


  1. I don't remember Tintin being racist, but that might be the fog of childhood memories when I was too young to know what racist stereotypes looked like. I hate when childhood books/toys are ruined. ~clutches Babar the Elephant and symbol of colonial oppression~

    Your pixie cut is totes adorbs. It's a good look for you!

    1. Exactly. My childhood memories are plenty foggy =/ & thank you!

    2. *clutches TinTin, Enid Blyton and Asterix books* Tell me about it!

      Hehe, your haircut is the polar opposite of mine! I feel like making myself into Cousin It and sending you a photo so you can make a hilarious/awesome collage with the two of us.

    3. I would very much like to see this mashup. Seconds the DO IT.

  2. Adore the haircut. You really suit it! Tin Tin all the way <3


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