Monday, June 2, 2014

Put A Cork In It

cork baseball hat, red plaid lumberjack shirt, stretchy black maxi skirt

This falls into the category of "things I just kinda ended up wearing", as opposed to "outfits I lovingly planned". I picked cozy-comfy clothes for a family outing to the misty California coast, accompanied by my parents and my cousin. Peter brought his camera and I'm sure he'll be posting sweet photos of the foggy beach. See also: his Instagram.

I bought this stretchy black skirt while we were up there. It's worth browsing the little thrift shop in Point Reyes Station, which is literally called Thrift Shop--seriously, that's the name of the store. Rich retired people donate good stuff! I wriggled out of my jeans in the car and swapped them for my new purchase. The cork baseball cap is something my cousin picked up while traveling through Portugal. The texture is so cool.

cork baseball hat, red plaid lumberjack shirt


  1. Sometimes the 'things I kinda just end up wearing' tend to be my favorite outfits.

    With the wide vista behind you, you look like your on some sort of an adventure. Are you?

  2. CORK HAT! :-D That is many shades of awesome.

    With my schedule at the moment, I find I have less and less time to lovingly plan outfits. What this really means is that I look down at myself at work and think 'Wow...really?' as I suddenly register what I threw onto my body in the morning :-P My fashion is more 'recycled accidental' (today I wore a well kept but 15 year old sweater) than 'laboratory chic' (whatever that is) now...

    1. Bahaha "recycled accidental"--I definitely know that feel.

  3. I agree with Karen. Those unplanned outfits you throw on can sometimes be the best. You look lovely, and I'm really enjoying the hat/background combo. It matches the ground and hilly background just right.


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