Monday, May 19, 2014

Daisy Gold

sky blue cardigan tied at the waist, ornate gold locket, pastel fuchsia eShakti dress

One of my thoughts when picking out this dress, sent to me for review by eShakti, was that it would make a good date outfit. The cut and color are sweetly Sonya-esque, but not overly girlish. My boyfriend is more than a decade older than me, so if we have plans, I try not to look any younger than I actually am. (Almost 20, if you're wondering.)

Today he took me out for breakfast and a stroll, and this ensemble was perfect for the breezy-but-warm weather. I felt very cute, which is a date essential. My confidence tends to get amped up by falling back on established style formulas, like "sundress + cardigan". Lately I've been in the mood for similarly simple makeup: I just darken my eyebrows and swipe on lipstick.

Since today's full-body photos came out blurry, I decided to dive into the flowers...

blue cardigan tied at the waist, pastel fuchsia eShakti dress Flower Field by Joy Laforme #flowers #spring #daisies #illustration

blue cardigan tied at the waist, pastel fuchsia eShakti dress

Wanna see more daisies? Check out this morbid illustration or this beatific one. Daisies are rad.


  1. That is a very cute dress! Feeling cute and confident on a date is definitely a must-have for me too, and this dress does just that! Plus the fact that is had pockets is amazing!

    1. Amen! I love pockets! Honestly I don't even use them for carrying things, but I appreciate that I *could*.

  2. Daisies ARE rad. And that's so sweet you chose this with a date especially in mind- I definitely have moments like that, too. Where I just look at a dress and think "yup, i can crush some hearts in this one" haha. And that color is gorgeous on you!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. You go, heartcrusher! Haha, thanks :)

  3. I was 19 and the man who would be my husband was 31 when we met and started dating in college. And of course I thought he was sooooo mature. Fast forward a few more years and I've grown up (okay, I have some more to do) and I think he's about as mature as when I met him.

    Hmm... what am I trying to say here... - age is just a number. It can mean a whole lot, and be completely irrelevant. Have confidence in you.

    Also, pretty dress. ~twirls you~


      Ahem. You triggered my latent Julie Andrews. Thanks Karen <3

  4. Love this combo!! :-D You should always wear what makes you feel cute if you want to. It's not 'falling back' on something, it's knowing what you like and enjoying it :-)


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