Monday, April 14, 2014

Emerald Sleuth

The Painted Rogue Assassin's Eye Award

Sylirael of The Painted Rogue gave me this badge as a prize for guessing that she would be "Shameless". I'm pretty stoked on it! Now I want a green cloak pin. Any of these would be nice...

Verdigris Steampunk Owl Octopus Brooch

// $50 //

Vintage Rhinestone Pin - Emerald Green Brooch

// $28 //

Green brooch ceramic crackle glaze blushes of pink Agapanthus Spring time

// $17.17 //

Bead embroidered brooch Grass green brooch Spring green Earthy jewelry Green and brown

// $58 //


  1. Owltopus!

  2. That owl/octopus situation is awesome!

  3. Yesssss! ~pets shiny~

  4. Gonna have to agree with everyone on the whole Owltopus thing. There is much awesome in that. :-D

    Glad you liked the badge! Thank you so much for chipping in with your (awesome) guess for my little competition ^_^ I thought of you when I added the green pin, actually. I was like 'well, it's an assassin, but it's for Sonya...there needs to be a little something extra here'...


It's lovely to hear from you!

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