Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aloha Islands

man reading on Amazon Fire tablet, wearing bright Hawaiian shirt

I wasn't the only family member who got a souvenir from my sister's visit to the 50th state! My dad is pictured wearing a quintessential "Hawaiian shirt"--also known as an "aloha shirt"--and reading The Lost World on his tablet. In my father's honor (and in honor of the fact that I didn't change out of my pajamas today) here are some tropical tops:

60s Neon Hawaiian Shirt

// $54 //

Hawaiian Shirt Magnets

// $14 //

Men's Vintage Hawaiian Button UpMen's Vintage Hawaiian Button Up

// $23 //

Vintage 1980's OP Hawaiian Shirt L Mens Ocean Pacific Heavy Cotton thread large

// $175 //

man reading on Amazon Fire tablet, wearing bright Hawaiian shirt

I love my dad so much. Anyway, that's it for the shirts. But here are a few more things that I came across while web-surfing:

Costumed for Aloha Day parade, one of many festivities during annual Aloha Week, October 1973 Dressed for Aloha Day parade during annual Aloha Week festivities, October 1973

Snapshots from a parade in 1973: 1 & 2.

Breese : Aloha : (Martin Jensen) Jensen, Martin

Martin Jensen's airplane: 1 & 2.


  1. ~waves Hi to your Dad~

    I see your Aloha shirt and raise you a Guayabera.

  2. Ee! You take after your dad so much :-) Something about the mouth, I think...

    Hawaiian shirts are awesome. Hawaii is awesome! You're awesome!

  3. ya i can def see the resemblance from your dad, how fun! also, i like his hawaain shirt, those can be tricky to actually like but you got some good picks! i just got Jonny a guayabera (per above comment) but he's not convinced about wearing it yet..

    1. I bet that you'll be able to get him into it! =)

  4. That's a great picture of your dad! It's really neat that he let you take a picture of him. My mom is very much a "NO PICTURES" kind of person, haha.
    I've yet to go to Hawaii. It looks like a pleasant place to visit. :)

    1. I'd love to go there. My mom is also a "NO PICTURES" lady! My dad is more tolerant, lol


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