Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 Interesting Lipstick Tubes

Rouge Lipstick Patch

lipstick plant

The second photo is simply titled lipstick plant, so I assume that those berries (seeds?) can be used to color one's lips. You know what else you can use? Schmancy lipsticks from various brands! Wow, I am so good at transitions. Anyway, I'll admit that I was pretty liberal with my definition of "lipstick tube"...

Edward Bess // Edward's Best 8-Color Lipstick Palette

Is it in bad taste to start with one that I disapprove of? This is "Edward's Best 8-Color Lip Palette", which astounds me because it's so obvious that it's not a picture of the actual product. I cannot imagine why you would think it was a good idea to show Photoshop gradients instead of, y'know, real lip pigments. Here's what it truly looks like (thanks to Best Things in Beauty):

Review of Edward's Best 8-Color Lipstick Palette on Best Things in Beauty Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème LipstickClé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich refill

These are also not strictly packaging. What's cool is the sculptural aspect of the lipsticks themselves! Hourglass "Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick" and Clé de Peau Beauté "Extra Rich" refill.

Burberry Lip Mist - Camellia Pink No.207Burberry Lip Mist - Camellia Pink No.207

Burberry "Lip Mist", a name that sounds like perfume for your mouth, which I don't necessarily object to. I love pictures of lipstick chunks.

Smashbox Santigold for Be Legendary Lipstick & Snake RingGuerlain KissKiss Lipstick

Smashbox rings and Guerlain "KissKiss" lipstick. Speaking of Guerlain...

Guerlain Rouge G de L'Extrait lip gloss/lip stain

What is even happening? The package design of "Rouge G de L'Extrait" strongly reminds me of Charlize Theron in Prometheus:

Charlize Theron as Vickers in Prometheus Charlize Theron as Vickers in Prometheus

Classy. Cold. Confusing. Paintings by xiaoli and doiron12, both from deviantART. Prometheus is a lovably terrible movie, by the way. Kinda like Avatar: gorgeous sci-fi visuals, but all of the characters are idiots.

Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipcolor SPF 12, Kate Winslet hat packagingTory Burch Pas Du Tout Lip Color, tangerine packaging

Lancôme "L'Absolu Rouge Lipcolor", because it's wearing a hat. Tory Burch "Pas Du Tout Lip Color" because tangerine enamel!!! Lastly, Benefit "Candy-Orchid Lollitint" because it's the cutest thing you ever did see:

Benefit Lollitint Candy-Orchid pink lip and cheek stain

Just kidding; the cutest thing you ever did see is obviously Lupita Nyong'o!

Lupita Nyong'o surrounded by flowers

File under "fairy princess inspo"...


  1. Love the Cle de Peau bullet - looks like a jewel, so, rogue approved. Not sure it's be the easiest to apply though...

    It will always mystify me why companies that have (ostensibly) a perfectly nice looking product will choose to use a hideous, obviously photoshopped picture instead. The promo pics for MAC's upcoming 3D glitters are an excellent example of this, although I'm still holding out hope that the dots are just an unfortunate part of the packaging design...

  2. You need to take a look at the brand Paul and Joe. I lust for their cat lipsticks. Can't afford them, but lust just the same. Sculptural lipsticks are always pretty to look at, but tbh it's not a selling point for me. Within a few uses all that design work will be smeared away. Function over form.

    1. I just looked it up. SO CUTE. I agree with you, though. Pretty to look at, but not so practical. Same goes for imprints on eyeshadow, etc.


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