Monday, March 10, 2014

Walk Softly

Hijab Mural on Bush St

Street art sighted in February of 2008, at the intersection of Bush Street and Grant Avenue in San Francisco. It's probably long gone by now.

In other news, I have fallen in love with MUKU, the fiber-based project of "two young artists living under the same roof, sharing the joy of raising their 2 years old daughter. [...] These clothes are less about fashion and more about the way of living. [...] All MUKU clothes are designed and made in Lithuania, the home of the brand and home to some of the best natural fabrics and materials." They release collections for both children and adults, but the grownup apparel piques my interest the most. I pulled pictures from their blog and each image is linked to the post it came from, but please also persuse the shop.

The billowy shapes, especially of the blouses and trousers, remind me of Mao's China:

Red Guards, early Communist China

// via NPR //

// paintings by Zhang Dazhong // via Connoisseur Art Gallery & China Digital Times //

I wonder if the resemblance is intentional or even noticed. According to Wikipedia, Lithuania was the first country to break out of USSR, a year before its dissolution. I don't know much about Soviet Russia et al., but I do know that "Mao suits" were a tribute to Lenin, modeled on Soviet military uniforms. I like the idea that MUKU's designs are social commentary as well as beautiful minimalist pieces.


  1. Those paintings are wonderful!

    I have to admit, while the little girl is gorgeous and the photography of the clothes is nice, I'm not so much with introducing a combo of communist oppression/Victorian workhouse aesthetic into my wardrobe. I'm not sure, really, what I'd be saying with them.

    That said, I really do like the pieces as an artistic statement/social commentary!

    1. I feel it. There's a lot of art that I like but I wouldn't want in my house. Personally I would wear the heck out of those dresses, but to each their own!

  2. Lithuania still produces quality linen and wool - something in short supply elsewhere. They are a go-to country for many historical reproductions - gowns, tabards, and the like. Very skilled and many cottage industries.

    I love natural linen and the color palette appeals to me. It's very sweet - although I would have to work hard to restrain myself from adding a bit of lace trim to the edges.

    1. I didn't know that about Lithuania! Cool. I would love lace-trimmed edges, but I wouldn't have to work hard to restrain myself, because I am that lazy, haha


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