Monday, March 3, 2014

Soft Ridges & Skin

born sinner

I posted some of Angelique Culvin's stunning photography back in November. Her portraiture continues to fascinate me.

lunar The Child of Aquarius The mind is not a vessel.


  1. I cannot stop looking at the first photo. Her gaze is mesmerising! :-D Beautiful :-)

  2. That third image just stopped my in my scrolling. How stunning!

  3. Thank you for sharing these Sonya, they are truly beautiful

  4. My favorite is the last one, especially with the intentional distressing. The girl in the second picture almost looks like Lady Gaga when she goes make-up free. Are these models celebrities?


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. The prettiest ones are the ones that don't have decorative layers added to them. Yeah, it's a nice effect, but the natural photographs are just so stunning, there's no comparing the two.


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