Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elezar Handbags

Elezar sells purses that align with basically all of my values, including the aesthetic ones. According to a G+ post: "We are an eco-friendly fashion line, making vegan handbags in the USA! We believe in creating jobs [...] and promoting sustainability!" Awesome! The prices are in the hundreds, which is reasonable considering the production policies. Although I suppose how much you're willing to pay for a bag depends on your relationship with purses in a general. I am a one-purse-at-a-time lady and my favorites are subjected to heavy use. If I can keep a bag for a few years, the cost-per-wear becomes negligible.


  1. I think the best bags are the ones that have a functional shape. The one I'm carrying right this minute is one I bought on sale online becase oooh-pretty! but it has a nasty habit of sliding off my arm and bonking things. My navy stripe bucket purse was an empty black hole.
    Purses have a ton of variables and I don't seem to have the eye for spotting which ones will work for me. It's like I need to test drive for a few weeks.

    1. I know what you mean. One of my problems is that I'm really picky about color pairings: I'm using a tan purse right now, and I can't stand wearing it with greys that lean silver more than black. It also has gold details, so combining it with silver jewelry grates on me.

  2. I have a secret (not so secret now), terrible, crippling addiction to handbags. Seriously, it's a disease. :-S The last two in your post are my favourites!

  3. I consider the following to see me through all occasions in life: a chic and functional work bag; a statement, everyday tote that still embodies classic sensibilities; a practical purse to run those weekend errands; an evening clutch; and a wardrobe workhorse that can multitask as a plane carry-on and a weekender.

  4. I think Chanel Purses are good for our daily use to carry our all stuffs in organized manner. I love my black colored purse and I usually use it for the parties. After even few years I still love using my bag because it looks good with my all dresses.


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