Friday, February 14, 2014

Beauty Bugs

This post will be an entry in ShopStyle's "What I Am Loving" contest. FYI.

Purple Finch

That fluffy bird is a purple finch, because apparently whoever is in charge of naming species is trippin'. Anyway, I wanted to start with a non-insect specimen so people who are leery of six-legged beasties can be warned that yes, there will be actual pictures of them in this post. Proceed with caution. Steer clear if you have mottephobia.

As you may or may not know, I work for an environmental company called Creeklife. Consequently, I spend a lot of time scrolling through pictures of nature, finding stuff to post on the blog, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. That's how I came across John Flannery, who takes cool photos of various critters. Some of the subjects are beauuuuutiful, like this Hummingbird Clearwing, a kind of moth that's basically a fairy:

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

I am tying this topic into ~style~ by matching beauty products to the pretty insects. Delightfully, one of the first items to come up when I started searching was Chantecaille's limited edition "Save the Bees" palette, which is relevant because obviously:

Chantecaille Limited Edition - The Save The Bees Palette

Protective Mimicry

For the Hummingbird Clearwing, I needed a delicate chartreuse shade and a rich magenta/brick color. (I know--magenta and brick? But I see both of them!) Chartreuse was covered by OCC loose shadow in "Wasabi", and I also remembered "Mint To Die For" by Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics because Matte Kat wore it recently:

The complex red was harder, but these LORAC lip glosses and this Estee Lauder lipstick aren't too far off:

Gray Hairstreak

For the above Gray Hairstreak butterfly, I chose Sunday Riley's "Primasilk" shadowmatte "Manhattan Grey" by Mineral Essence, and "Sheer Brilliance" orange lip gloss:

Blue Dasher

Giorgio Armani's "Color Bliss" palette is kinda perfect for the dragonfly:

// photo & swatches: Beautezine //

American Lady

So many colors on one little lady! (She's an American Lady butterfly.) This ultimately adorable Dior blush is perfect for the rosy bits:

Rococo creme nail polish and Burberry complete eye palettes fill out the rest:

Of course, after looking at all this schmancy makeup, I'm left over here with my Dollar Tree junk. Siiiiigh. (If you're wondering how that fits into my ethical shopping ideals, the answer is that it doesn't. I am weak and impulsive.)


To end with, a portrait of Rachel Louise Carson, author of Silent Spring and famous trailblazing environmentalist. Seriously, I learned about her in high school. Feel free to read more on the USDA's Flickr.


  1. I am agog. This is incredible work. I am awed by how seamlessly you transitioned makeup palettes and nature. You've matched the colors spot-on, but moreover it's so you! I can picture you wearing all of these. Best of luck to you in your competition.

    1. Thank you, Karen! That means a lot, especially coming from you. I don't think I'm gonna win, but it was a lot of fun to put this together =D

    2. I'm sure you'll be the only entry to feature a dragonfly, but it's so you. It represents your unique POV and style portfolio. It's lovely work.

  2. This is amazing! Such a fantastic idea for a post, and you've done it so well. :-) I hope you win in your contest - you deserve it after such fabulous work! I especially love the match between the butterfly's wing and the Dior blush. :-D Also how the American Lady Butterfly is totally posing fro the camera in an extremely ladylike fashion...

    1. Thank you, Syl! Yeah, she's a princess, haha =)

  3. Beautiful inspiration here! Well done!

    - Anna

  4. I see my face! haha thanks for including me! That American Lady Butterfly is gorgeous! Well all the bugs are pretty really.


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