Thursday, December 12, 2013

Disjointed Reflections

Geese Via The Nife

Warning: The title of this post is accurate. There be ramblings ahead.

My recent online reading has included the blog the picture came from and a GOMI thread about minimalist style, both of which address the problematics of fashionable mass-consumption. Personally, I have only written a little bit about the topic. My comments on this outfit diary are usually brief. But the urge to expound does arise every now and again...

Because of financial limitations, my consumption of clothing slowed dramatically during the past few months. My philosophy as a buyer-of-things shifted in concurrence with the lack of spending money. Now I feel totally unwilling to support huge, exploitative businesses, and I don't want to participate in the neverending creation of "new" things when so many "old" things are still perfectly good. Shopping small and secondhand has done me well for years, allowing me to cycle pieces in and out of my wardrobe without breaking the bank or anyone's back.

Minimalism doesn't appeal to me as an aesthetic, but I do like to have a limited amount stuff, because clutter and disorganization give me anxiety. I am constantly purging my possessions. Of course, eventually I gain new ones and have to do it over again. In a way I don't mind that process, because it feels good to get rid of things. My focus has never been on "timeless" pieces or a flawless capsule wardrobe. Yes, there are items that I've worn and loved for years, but most of them were acquired serendipitously.

Does anyone have thoughts on this topic? I'm curious about other perspectives/experiences.


  1. Personal style is something that evolves much like a person does over their lifetime. When I was 16 I was wearing Tripp pants with chains and all black clothes with black hair and shaved eyebrows. Now? I'm not into it anymore. I only have one or two shirts from then and it's a reflection of how I have changed. I imagine this is what it's like for everyone, and I definitely love the idea of this picking up second hand clothing and giving away clothing for second hand, because it supports the fluctuating style of someone else as well. Thrift shopping is so much fun because it's a lot more unpredictable what you will find, and a lot of my favorite outfits have been found in them.

    1. Yes! I had a Hot Topic phase too, haha, and I still use the eyeliners that I got then. You're totally right that personal style is a process rather than a static thing.

  2. Oh, I was just reading that thread! I had a very limited warobe as a teen and young adult(i'm talking maybe 20 garments) so when I finally had some disposable income, it was cool to be able to buy clothes on my own and try out different styles. I was always pretty frugal with my money but I would still buy five cheap items rather than one new garment because the whole concept of buying clothes was so new to me. Because my limoted wardrobe before was mostly llbean which lasts fotever, I didn't realize most clothes now fall apart after a year of wear. I really sucked when I started blogging bwcause I was in such a transirional period in my life, I had no idea what my style was. Most of my clothes were from the thrift store(and still are) but consumerisum is consumerisum. I've learned a lot about fit, material and working conditions since then and I'm trying to become better about the whole thing. Fewer, smarter purchuses is my goal for this next year.
    Psst-hey gomier! There's a few really mean people but overall that site has really changwd my perpective on a lot of things. And sorry about spelling, i keep hitting every buttpn on thw phone.

    1. I've had a similar experience! I definitely pay waaay more attention to things like seams and fabric quality now than I used to. And thank you for sharing your perspective!


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