Friday, November 29, 2013

Loose Layers

OOTD 11/28/2013

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, everybody! I actually have very mixed feelings about this holiday. The much-lauded ~Multicultural First Thanksgiving~ was the beginning of a genocide that continues to this day. (White people were doing horrible things to Native Americans long before the colony at Plymouth Rock, but you know what I mean.) That said, I like getting together with my family to eat and be grateful. I just really wish the holiday didn't have such racist origins.

Anyway. Today's outfit was all about slouch factor, which is something I just made up to justify not wearing clothes that fit me.

OOTD 11/28/2013 OOTD 11/28/2013 OOTD 11/28/2013

My father kindly took today's photos for me. Excepting this selfie:

OOTD 11/28/2013

Yeah, I captured that sweet shot myself, haha.

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