Friday, November 29, 2013

Leaving Fall: Colors

Fall Colors 11/29/2013

Autumn is almost over. For those of you who aren't Californians, it may already be full-fledged winter! But I'm reluctant to let go of the rich reds, browns, and golds that go with this season. One last fall-appreciation post and then I'll shut up about pumpkin spice, okay? (That reminds me: I need to make this recipe of Marlen's.) Today I went into my neighbor's yard to take outfit photos, and I spied this glorious vermilion maple tree. I think it's a Japanese maple, but I'm no arborist so I'm not 100% on that.

Fall Colors 11/29/2013 Fall Colors 11/29/2013

I also recently finished a notebook, which is exciting since I haven't done that in ages. It's nice to get back to writing poetry. Anyway, a few days ago I started this new notebook:

Fall Colors 11/29/2013

The notebook has been in my house for years, so I can't tell you where to buy it, but the photo on it came from Bata Shoe Museum. The bow is something I made for the general holiday season. I thought it was appropriate.

Lastly, my neighbor's garden contained a wonderful sunset rose:

Fall Colors 11/29/2013 Fall Colors 11/29/2013 Fall Colors 11/29/2013


  1. Fall color is just the best. I miss the gorgeous colors in Kansas!

    1. We don't get enough where I live either!

  2. loving the beauty of autumn :))


  3. Autumn is such a radiant and gorgeous season, so it's no wonder everyone gushes about it. Gush away, my lovely! :D

    That rose is so so pretty... ahhh, it really does bear a striking resemblance to a sunset! *___* Have a wonderful, pretty-leaf colored weekend, Sonya!~

  4. sweet!!!


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