Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm In Love But I'm Lazy

Honey! Oakland graffiti

Oh hey, honey! This enthusiastic Oakland graffiti makes me think of the Beatles song--"Honey pie, you're making me crazy. I'm in love but I'm lazy. Won't you please come home..." (From The White Album.)

On Saturday I went to the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. Did you know that his friends called him Sparky? I learned that. I also read about four thousand Peanuts cartoons in the various exhibits, which was splendid. It was a fun excursion, and I avoided taking pictures because there was simply too much to look at. Except I couldn't resist a snapshot of Sally cruisin' in a pastel polka-dot car:

Sally from Peanuts in a pastel pink polka-dot car

Hayyy. Reminds me of a pink Cadillac. And now, for our finale, some vehement anti-Crocs sentiment:

anti-Crocs graffiti

Calm down, dude! I wonder if this guy has similarly strong feelings about Uggs.


  1. I feel like Uggs and Crocs belong to two distinct and different lazy footwear categories. I'm more of a Crocs person. (Please don't set me on fire.)

    1. I won't set you on fire! I like both of them! Comfy footwear = yes

  2. I love the Beatles, and this museum sounds pretty cool. Had a good chuckle at the Crocs-hater as well, I must admit.

    1. It was 2 cute. Yeah, Crocs-hater is on fire himself!


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