Sunday, July 20, 2014

Le Blusine

Women's jacket in pure linen pink - Handmade

Italian fiber artist Micol Magni makes beautiful work clothes, for sale in her shop Le Blusine. She explains her design ethos with poetically utilitarian language: "About a year ago I began to think about how many beautiful occupations there are, related both to the world of work [and] personal passions. [...] I have used different suits, aprons, jackets... at home, in the studio, in the shop, in the garden or on the way!" By contrast, Micol's comment on her aesthetic impulses is brief: "The minimalism and simplicity are the two elements that compose all my work."

I love the soft shapes and natural fibers that characterize Le Blusine, as well as the domestically rough-and-ready concept. Imagine if Indiana Jones were a woman who owned an orchard and made big batches of jam every summer...

black overalls jeans - made to orderblack overalls jeans - made to order painter's smock - pure linen - woman - rust - hand made skirt overalls - moleskin / cotton - brown - handmade - maxi pocketskirt overalls - moleskin / cotton - brown - handmade - maxi pocket

Click each image to be led to the source, and/or connect with Le Blusine on Instagram & Facebook.

vintage Singer sewing machine - handmade clothes by Le Blusine


  1. These pieces are gorgeous! Off to take a look. :)

  2. How neat! I really like the dress!

  3. Argh, that peachy linen coat in the first picture is amazing. Actually, the whole outfit is! And that cute brown pinafore dress!

  4. Um... YES! I especially like that orange blouse and the brown jumper.


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