Thursday, July 24, 2014


yellow headscarf, yellow striped sundress

I wasn't such a ray of sunshine earlier in the day, but the afternoon was hot and sweaty, so I changed into yellow. I also drank three glasses of ice water, but I think it was the yellow that cooled me off.

Today I...
  • didn't wash my hair
  • used valet parking
  • at the hospital, where I visited my grandma
  • waited until she got discharged
  • drove home, then walked two dogs separately
  • watched Community with my mom + dad
Don't you worry, all of that counted as procrastination. So in a way I was sort of multitasking!

cast of TV show Community yellow headscarf, yellow striped sundress

I would write more, but I'm knackered and my sociology final is tomorrow. Until anon!


  1. Community is one of my all time favorite shows! Good luck with your final! :)

    1. It's SO funny. Abed is my favorite character. Thank you!

  2. Yellow is the best color that's why ;]
    Good luck on your final!

  3. I know it's too late to say good luck on your final, but I know you had to have done amazingly!


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