Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Apple Leaves & Blue Lace

blue lace-print halter dress, green leaves

For me, July style has been about sundresses and no makeup--"sundress" being loosely defined as "a dress that I wore in the sun". Knowing how sweaty I'll be in the afternoon makes me less eager to coat my skin with colorful gunk in the morning.

Generally speaking, my aesthetic is progressing toward simplicity. Of course, now that I've said so the trend will immediately reverse, just to be contrary. My attempts at self-definition are always confounded! It's almost like my brain has a mind of its own... ;)

blue lace-print halter dress, green leaves


  1. It's not hard to gravitate towards simplicity in the midst of a hot summer. I love just being able to throw on a simple dress and some flip flops and go about my day. It's such a nice difference from bundling up in layers during the winter!

  2. I had a giggle at the "my brain has a mind of its own" statement.
    Your blue lace dress has been one of my favorites.
    I like the simplicity of summer wear, but I also love the act of layering in the winter as well.

    1. GOOD, I'm glad someone appreciated that! Yeah, my mom gave me this dress, & it was well-chosen.


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