Saturday, June 14, 2014

Orca Whales // Five Finds

I spoke too soon about my "Five Finds" idea. Making digital collages is very time-consuming, and definitely not something I can manage every day. Maybe it'll be a fun project for when I have a few extra hours. I tend to load myself up with assignments and expectations until I collapse, which is definitely not healthy. My mom's writing teacher always says, "Under-commit and over-perform." I am trying to learn how to do that instead. But I didn't decide to ease up on myself until after playing with pictures of orca whales:

orca whale fashion collage

Background texture from a Missoni dress (made in Italy), multi-whale t-shirt (vintage), and ceramic whale pin (independent artist).

orca whale fashion collage

Wooden wall hanging (vintage) and Stella McCartney dress (made in Hungary, a member of the EU).

If you find marine mammals intriguing, go learn more about the infamous "killer whale" on National Geographic! Here's a majestic parting shot, via NOAA Photo Library:


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