Saturday, June 28, 2014

Linda Mar Beach Reflections

SF Day Trip

Pacifica is a semi-sleepy town south of San Francisco, where X goes to surf. The local beach has mild waves, properly gold sand, and a waterfront Taco Bell. (Still exciting despite my ambivalence toward the chain.) X will throw his board and salty wetsuit into the back of his pickup truck, then drive a mellow half hour to the beach. Today was the second time I've joined him.

During our last excursion, he surfed while I got tipsy. I sipped cheap beer on a blanket in the sand, reading Bombay Stories, feeling warm and sleepy in X's hoodie. There's something about a boy's sweater--the comforting, complex scent of cologne and masculine sweat. It gives me nostalgia pangs.

This afternoon X didn't get in the water. We went for a run together, then sat on the tailgate kicking our feet, finishing sandwiches from earlier and drinking Modelo mixed with homemade lemonade. (Apparently shandies are fashionable right now.) Here's my sophisticated lemonade recipe: Squeeze the juice from four lemons or however many you need. Add a little agave syrup and some water. Shake it all up.

I love the soft colors at the beach. The sand melts from bronze to grey approaching the water, which is a dark teal that shifts with the tide, and white froth surges on the surface. The ocean has always made me melancholy, put me in a literary mood, perhaps because the classic vastness will reinforce one's sense of a miniaturized self.

Snowy Sea. Pacific Ocean Picture. Snowy Beach and Ocean. Ocean Waves. Winter Beach. Original Photo in Embroidery Hoop. Photo Hoop Art.

// $20 //

Pacifica, California, Linda Mar Beach illustration

// Betsy Bauer //

Can you tell that I've been reading Sylvia Plath's journals? Song of the day: "California Love" by 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre (NSFW).


  1. Ahhh, that sounds like a wonderful day spent at the beach! I know what you mean about the sweater, I always prefer throwing on my husband's sweater over any of my own. Much cozier! Oh and a water front taco bell sounds amazing! Even though I never really eat there, any water front restaurant sounds awesome, they don't have those at the beaches I visit.

    1. I just love the incongruity of a fancy waterfront location and fast food =P Yeah, significant other's clothes are awesome! Someday I'll do an outfit post wearing only his clothes lol

  2. Sounds wonderful, and I'm a bit jealous. There are some beaches nearby, but "mellow" is not how I would describe them. Insert generic city-dweller complaints etc.

    1. Awwww well I've been known to brag about living in the best place in the world, so... =P

  3. I live in a city surrounded by water, in a country that consists of three islands (well, main islands), lost in the watery wilderness of the South Pacific. So beachy high fives! Even though, as a super pale person in a land without an ozone layer, I tend to avoid the beach until sunset anyway, LOL!

    By the way, from a kiwi perspective, you're doing beaches wrong ;-) You need a can of L&P and some fish and chips (or fush and chups) to fully experinece the beach, obviously! :-P

    1. Teh noes! Maybe I can catch the fush myself...


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