Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hollie Point Vintage

Jennifer Brook Binns of Hollie Point offers "curated vintage for discerning lovers of timeless style". That sounds like you and I, right?

1950s Sheer Dress / Vintage 50s Party Dress / 50s Sheer Full Skirt Floral Burst Dress

Fashion Fragile: Your specialty appears to be dresses from the '40s and '60s, often with defined waists and voluptuous skirts. Why do you gravitate toward that timespan and silhouette?

Jennifer: My love of vintage clothing developed early in life and was originally inspired by the old clothes hanging in my grandmother's closet, and by movies from the '30s through the '60s. I fell in love with the silhouettes of these periods and when I began to collect vintage I naturally gravitated towards them.

1970s Sweater / Vintage 70s Space Dyed Sleeveless Sweater Jacket / Long Cardigan Sweater

Fashion Fragile: Does your personal wardrobe resemble your stock? How do you manage to let go of so many lovely pieces? It seems that there must be heartache involved. I have trouble relinquishing clothes that I don't even like, so I can't imagine sending off one of your dreamy beauties!

Jennifer: It can be so hard to part with my vintage! Fortunately with clothes only a small percentage of them fit so some are easier to let go of than others. It's not unusual for me to begin listing a dress in the shop only to take measurements, figure out that it is just the right size for me and then hang it right back up in my personal closet. I have learned, however, to be very selective in what I keep. Most of my clothes are modern and I keep a small but fantastic collection of vintage that I save for special occasions. I also try to practice the "one in, one out" rule which helps me keep my collection pared down.

1960s Dress / Vintage 60s Wiggle Dress / Ethnic Embroidered 60s Fitted Dress

Fashion Fragile: What do you enjoy the most about running Hollie Point? How do you avoid getting burned out?

Jennifer: The best part of running a vintage shop is shopping! At least once a week I take a long day trip, sometimes to my favorite shopping spots and sometimes to brand new places that I have never visited before. I live between a major metropolitan area and a great rural expanse so it seems like there are always new places to explore and new/old treasures waiting to be found. The thrill of the hunt helps to keep my job exciting and fulfilling.

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