Thursday, June 12, 2014

Feathery Fringe // Five Finds

I'm starting a new feature called "Five Finds", somewhat inspired by "Five Things" on Cupcakes & Cashmere. My goal is to systematize posts that involve curation, collage, and ethical window-shopping, which are all processes that I enjoy. (Hopefully you enjoy them too!) Each installment will have a unifying theme. For the sake of alliteration, the first one is FEATHERS!

Throughout history, humans have envied birds' ability to fly. We've always had some rudimentary dominion over water, and the land is our comfort zone, but the great expanse above us remained out of reach until recent advances in modern aviation. The sky is also vitally important as the source of weather and navigational information (via astronomy). Birds' unfettered association with this realm of clouds and wind inspired the awe of ancient civilizations. Wikipedia has an entire list of "avian humanoids", many of whom are winged gods. Feathers symbolize the freedom to explore celestial mysteries without restriction.

Doodle D Portrait

Feathers are a natural decorative element, given that you can frequently find them on the ground. Beyond that comment, the mutual history of feathers and fashion is too extensive for me to describe. However, my hypothesis is that feathers have come to symbolize power and luxury as an extension of the dynamic described above. Anyway... the five featured items are bolded.

blue feather dress supermodel with cape in the misty forest

Blue dress (made in France), silk shawl (fair trade, shown here as a dramatic cape), and misty forest. Then there's the junior prom version:

pink feathers forest collage

Pastel pink dress (made in America), watercolor feather (independent artist), fuchsia feather, and flock of birds. Lastly, not in a collage but all on its glorious own, allow me to present this angelic leopard-print creation (made in Italy):

Michael Kors Leopard-Print Chiffon Feathered GownMichael Kors Leopard-Print Chiffon Feathered Gown

Yup. Leopard-print feathers. I am sooo into it. I also considered this prim Erdem Brenton dress (made in Italy), but it's just not as fabulous.


  1. Did you create these collages yourself? ~admires~

  2. Awesome collages! I love feathers, they're so fun!

    1. Thank you! I never actually wear feathers, but I think they're cool.


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