Monday, June 23, 2014

Bunny-Themed Society6 iPhone Cases

Rabbit iPhone & iPod Case by Kelly Gilleran - $35.00 bunny iphone case

I ordered my rabbity iPhone case from Society6, a website that provides independent artists with a low-risk venue for selling their work as prints, t-shirts, and so on. (Read reviews from sellers here and here.) Society6 handles the products and customers, while the artists focus on being creative. At least two illustrators that I really like have shops there: rubyetc and Eugenia Loli.

Society6 is awesome for people who want to support indie artists, and the company is also making an effort in terms of ethical manufacturing. Many of their products are made or assembled in America, as well as being "produced when you order them, on-demand, to avoid waste and keep our business sustainable."

This case doesn't protect my phone the way an OtterBox would, but I'm not particularly hard on my gadgets so it's no big deal. I would recommend a Society6 iPhone case if you prioritize flair over security, and want a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Here are two more bunny-licious cases that I considered purchasing:

Rabbit iPhone & iPod Case by Alison - $35.00 Rabbit iPhone & iPod Case by Lady Cardea - $35.00

Alison Tsoi (top) & Lady Cardea (below).


  1. Society6 is basically awesome, but sometimes I have difficulty navigating the overwhelming flow of so many artists. It is nice to know they're carrying iPhone cases now too.

    1. There are a ludicrous amount of options, it's true. I knew I wanted something with a rabbit on it, but without that guideline, I don't know how I'd narrow it down.

  2. My friend told me about Society6 recently and I signed up immediately! No one has bought any of my stuff yet, but to be fair I am terrible at advertising.


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