Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wicked Skirts

black lace mini dress, grey knitted sash

This is my witch dress. The black lace and voluminous sleeves make me feel magically mischievous! I was even inspired to play with silver eyeshadow:

black lace top, subtle silver smoky eyeshadow

And purple lipstick, in honor of The Painted Rogue. I combined a bright fuchsia shade with waxy black, then blended the two with a cool-toned rose that I think of as "boring pink". Voila!

black lace mini dress, grey knitted sash black lace mini dress, grey knitted sash

Yes, the hem is absurdly abbreviated. I wore shorts underneath.


  1. There's a wonderful Patsy quote from the television show Absolutely Fabulous: "One snap of my fingers and I can raise hemlines so high that the whole world is your gynecologist!"

    While your hemline might be quite short, you are pulling it off marvelously. All of your photographs are charming and sassy. Purple lipstick agrees with you too.

  2. I very much LOVE your witch dress! Especially with that violent shade of vivid violet!

  3. Your socks go beautifully with that lipstick, just saying. And I quite love the length of the dress!

    1. I matched them on purpose so I'm glad you noticed! Thanks :)

  4. Woo! Purple lipstick, custom blended! :-D Rock it!

    That dress looks awesome on you! I would feel compelled to wear it with tights, myself (lest the pastiness of my thighs literally sear the retinas of those around me), but that would be an excellent excuse to bring out the violet ones...


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