Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Domestic Angle

Need Supply Co has a bunch of US-made stuff, which is cool because labor laws in the United States tend to be less heinous than elsewhere. I looked through their sale section and found plenty that appealed to me. However, there was one odd thing: This cardigan is listed as "Made in Bolivia", but Dusen Dusen's website asserts that although "inspiration is drawn from far-flung and unexpected places, [...] all of her production is done in the USA." Maybe the listing was supposed to indicate that the alpaca material came from Bolivia? Hard to tell. Hopefully it's just a random discrepancy, rather than a sign that accurate information isn't prioritized at Need Supply Co. Regardless, the sweater seems nice:

Also, comfy-looking pants:

And a dress or two, because dresses are important:


  1. I hear you. Perhaps you should reach out to them and ask for clarification. It could lead to a really interesting discussion, a better understanding, and a building of connections.

    I am not particularly bothered because they did not conceal the country of origin. If they had removed the 'Made in Bolivia' label and claimed it was from the USA that would be a very different issue (also, illegal). But I feel a company with a strong 'Made in the USA' committment that carries a single item from elsewhere isn't a huge issue, particularly since they disclosed the fact - if that is the case here.

    You could try talking with them.

    1. That's a good idea, and it's weird that it didn't even occur to me!

  2. The outfit with the comfy pants and the brown sweater looks many kinds of awesome to me!


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