Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Skincare Tips

...that I ought to follow.

First, let me say that there are a lot of different ideas out there about what you should do to encourage a flawless complexion. For instance, I'm currently trying out the oil cleansing method (haven't noticed any improvement) and raw honey is next on my list. Anyway, despite the vast diversity of opinions out there, everyone seems to agree that you should do these things:
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Wear sunscreen.
Maybe I'll add those suggestions onto my list of resolutions for 2014 (a couple of which I am already avoiding, right this very minute).

I resent my skin for not being perfect. I resent my parents for passing on the genes for persistent acne. But most of all, I resent having to deal with a culture that finds the natural state of my face repugnant and contemptible. I understand where it's coming from--disgust theory basically explains what is "wrong" with "bad" skin. But like... can't we get past that? (Apparently not, or at least not yet.)


  1. Kudos to you for posting a large picture of your face when you speak of "resentment" for your skin. I've had a few friends that had issues with their skin that went away when they were in their 20s. Those are definitely good tips for skin. Sometimes women may overwash their face, which irritates it.

    1. It looks better in photos for some reason. Also it's sooo much healthier when I don't pick at it, which is a terrible habit of mine. I try not to overwash or exfoliate too much, but I suspect that I might!

  2. Water really does help, I've found! Also (for me) a routine of: exfoliate gently in the morning, use a cream cleanser at night.

    I never had acne, but I have eczema, and there was a period where it was literally all over my face, red and scaly and bloody. It was hideous! Literal trollface. It went away by itself (took a year!), but I do rather fear it coming back randomly :-P

    I too, pick. I just can't resist! (*bad sylirael!*) I also think you look great despite your skin worries! :-)

    1. Oh nooo! I'm glad it went away. That would be so stressful. And thank you!


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